Lost A Pet?

IMG173 copy.jpgI have LOST my pet! What do I do!?

1) Don’t panic. 99% come home….

2) Be carefully of conmen who will say that they have your pet and that if you send them some money for petrol or transport they will bring you your pet…. it is a trick and has been used in Northern Ireland.

3) Do not offer a reward. People will not search any harder and you will only encourage time wasters.

4) Get your pets photograph and details onto this site urgently.

This is the average distance a cat will travel in a day. So if you are going to go out and look around the neighbourhood be aware that your cat is probably within a few houses of you. That is where you should search intensively first… then expand your search outwards….

5) Print out an A4 sheet with your cats/dogs photograph and circulate it around the neighbourhood and local shops. Remember keep the details brief in the poster and add this site for reference..

6) If your local shop takes little cards or posters in it’s window give it a poster for this site. The more people that are made aware of this service the better your chances are of getting your pet back.

7) Ring around your local vets,  Council, Pet Shops and USPCA.

8) Don’t give up and keep searching.

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